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There’s been a lot of buzz about the health benefits of dark chocolate.

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Unleash the goodness of fruit in a small package with every bite

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Manuka honey and bodybuilding, it’s the power on your side!

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Sometimes…A Day without jam is like a day without sunshine.

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Lets get imaginative and creative! kick the hunger a build your own waffle!

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From field to table, our fresh strawberries adds a your daily dose of sweetness!

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Almond & Blueberry waffles, the newest way to give yourself a treat!

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Keto waffles, deliciously crispy of the outside and wonderfully fluffy on the inside!

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"What makes our waffles different, you’ll love it!”

PROTEIN and Health

Popeye’s waffles are both SATISFYING and FILLING and not the nonsense alternatives we have today! Our waffles are packed with 140g of protein per waffle, that’s 35g per quarter!  They’re HIGH in protein, which benefit you in building and repairing muscular tissue, maintain satiety and support your Immune function.  Our protein waffles make a great and convenient post-workout option, especially when you’re on the go!


With Popeye’s waffles, just ‘tasty’ isn’t good enough! We have spent many years perfecting the formula for great tasting waffles! Eaten on their own, our deep pockets also allow your added toppings to infuse and create an even bigger explosion of new flavours! Popeye’s waffles aren’t just great, they’re delicious and to every bite leaving you speechless.


You wouldn’t put bad oil into a car, so why feed your body with unhealthy food?

Popeye’s waffles were created with one concept in mind, ‘Don’t just make it mouth-watering on the go, expand, reinvent and serve passionately. You only have one body, look after it. Make each bite something that’ll grow, repair and re-energise the body. Make it exciting; a great way of rewarding your body after your workouts.

Packed with ZERO-Calorie sweeteners our waffles may help lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Rich in Manganese which is shown to help the body properly clot blood, breakdown carbohydrates and cholesterol – lowering the risk of heart disease.

Our flours are gluten free, low in glycemic Index and HIGH in Probiotic fiber.

Probiotic fiber which leads to a healthier, more efficient digestive system.

Packed with ONLY 21g of carbohydrates per 100g of gluten free flour

Our waffles are rich in:

Vit E’s powerful antioxidant ability which may also help enhance immune function and protect against conditions like heart disease.

Magnesium, which promotes healthy blood sugar regulation, maintain healthy bones and support blood sugar levels.

Copper, required for connective tissues, blood vessels, brain development and maintain immune support.

Calcium, Iron and phosphorus.

We’re Aspartame free! That means our Popeye’s waffles sugars are natural and not artificial

More than ‘just’ waffles…

Keto Waffles

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Bespoke Personal Training

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Create Your own from plain

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Summer Fruit

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What People Say About Our Waffles

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We have 3 waffle bases to choose from!

Protein, Healthy,Tasty and Yummy!

Oat & Protein

Oats – classed as a ‘certified heart healthy food – by the American Heart Association, our oat-based waffles are loaded with soluble fiber forming a gel in the digestive system and intestine, capturing cholesterol particles from the lipids and also keeping blood sugars stable. As well as high sources of B vitamins, the beta-glucan helps your immune cells quicker, raising your immune systems response too.

Gluten Free

Celiac disease and digestive troubles, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy great tasting waffles! These waffles will help lower your cholesterol and reduce body fat! Low or sugar free, so your blood glucose levels will not be elevated which can lead to becoming fatigue. Also, the high protein with the gluten free recipe makes the perfect balanced breakfast or meal through the day!

Keto base

Our Keto waffles are low in carbohydrates and high-fat, keeping you in ketosis. What’s more, we don’t use Aspartame. Derived from NON-GMO Fruits our Erythritol leaves No Bitter Aftertaste like from other sweeteners like Stevia, Aspartame or Monk fruit!  Our waffles have the sweet taste similar to sugar, and without the calories and negative effects on health associated with traditional sugar.


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